Last call for promo videos and why you should stop being a lurker

Following up on our call for promo videos, it’s time to declare the last call. Your deadline to submit a 15-second video of your WIP game is 1st of September 2012. Your means of upload can be either by e-mail attachment, your own server or a trusted file sharing service. We discarded our previous means of direct upload due to security & stability concerns.

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Mental Block? Go to Africa!

So I’ve been living in Ghana for about three weeks now, spending an initial week in the capital Accra prior to moving further up north to live in the village of Savelugu, a 25 minute ride from Tamale. Here I’m living with a generous host family while working at a nearby schoorphanage (there are about 70 children living here while also attending the attached school in the weekdays). According to the most recent plans, we’ll be heading down south again some time around March where we’ll take part in an AIDS program situated somewhere around Kumasi. Continue reading “Mental Block? Go to Africa!”