Last call for promo videos and why you should stop being a lurker

Following up on our call for promo videos, it’s time to declare the last call. Your deadline to submit a 15-second video of your WIP game is 1st of September 2012. Your means of upload can be either by e-mail attachment, your own server or a trusted file sharing service. We discarded our previous means of direct upload due to security & stability concerns.

  • If you already submitted an application for your game in accordance with the template, all that remains is to reply to that same e-mail with a download link or attachment.
  • If you already submitted a video as well, you can either confirm that you’d like us to use that video, or you can send a more up to date one.
  • If you have not yet submitted an application, you may still do so, and you can send your video along with it, although we can’t guarantee we’ll use it.

That should cover it for the video part. Now for you lurkers…

Stop lurking! It’s not doing you any good

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this subject [1], but there’s more to be said. When the promo videos started rolling in, we realized two things:

  1. There are many high quality jME3 alpha-stage projects out there which we never knew about. Seriously you guys and gals, wow.
  2. It seems most developers would rather not show off their game at all until it’s “pretty”.

#1 got us really excited. Yet you gotta ask: Why didn’t we hear about these projects before?

#2 is understandable, but it’s unfortunate. I was hoping that by explicitly asking for early prototypes, more developers would feel comfortable sharing their WIPs. Instead, there were so few submissions in the prototyping stage that we don’t really have enough content for a “Prototypes” section in our video.

We can’t stress enough how enjoyable it is to see projects, small and large, built with jME. It’s inspirational even.  Maybe most importantly, it’s very beneficial for both your project and jMonkeyEngine to make early works in progress public.

The benefits for your project:

  • Free publicity – We tweet about almost every new project announced on our forum. Going forward, we’re going to make it easier to get featured on our blog.
  • Start building a following – This is a great place to gauge interest in your project and acquire some of your most dedicated fans.
  • Testing & feedback – There’s no better place for constructive feedback. Always respect people’s time though – we’re all brewing something.
  • Networking – What can I say, people around here are smart. Like Big Bang Theory smart. You’ll want to connect with them.

The benefits for us are largely the same. Cool projects means a broadened audience, which means more developers, which means more eyes and hands on the code.

The takeaway: Use us!

We know you want to be featured on the big game sites, maybe use that momentum to get a Kickstarter going and before you know it you’ve got the green-light. But before all that, communities such as ours is your first and best stop to start building an audience. Get us excited about your game and we will help you push it forward. We’re constantly getting bigger (new update soon), and you’ll be hard pressed to find a more engaged bunch of people. Most of us in here are more than just users, we’re makers. That means we don’t just look at something and call it good or bad; we scrutinize. Some of us might need to work on our delivery, but I promise you we always mean well. Anyone who doesn’t should not call themselves a member of this community.

You can’t fail. At least, not in any way that matters. You were a raging success the moment you decided to do something that felt worth doing. By daring to make your work public, you open yourself up to valuable learning experiences that you’d would miss otherwise.


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