I have plethorea of resources to thank for getting me as far as I’ve come; wherever that might be I like it here just fine. I’ll be making an attempt at listing all the resources that have been of the greatest importance to me as far as game design goes.



  • Project Management – My first read in this series was “An Introduction”, but apparently after two somewhat casual years in the “field” already, I was pretty much past whatever this book had to tell me. Now this one however came really in handy. I just skimmed through the first or so chapter which was more or less a repetition of “An Introduction”. I’d say I learned more from this book as a [technical] designer more so than a manager though, because this book gets in-depth about all the necessary game documentation, from concept papers all the way down to audio design docs (didn’t know these existed!).
  • Game Story & Character DevelopmentOh, forgot I had it…


  • Killing Monsters – Bottom line (for me): Stop asking “how can we better encourage and enforce age-appropriate content for children of all ages?” and rather ask “why do they like it so much?”. Should the day come that I find myself under the label “dad” I’m gonna re-read this book right away and see if my standpoint remains the same.
  • The Peter Principle – Sad but true: Incompetence is a worldwide problem that keeps gnawing away at our productivity and also our economy as a result. Cynicism pristine!
  • Art of War (I can’t seem to find the exact edition that I read) – What can I say… While we’re trying to improve our “APM”, this guy talks about the real deal, and there’s no stopping us from getting better at applying these real principles to games either.
  • Animal Farm – The unique personality of the animals in this book has inspired full-fledged game concepts in me; particular features of which I have already applied to existing/past designs of mine.
  • Preacher (complete series) – Before I read Preacher (at the age of 19, *sob*) I don’t think I really knew what (a) character really was. Big thanks goes out to my sis’ for bringing this one to my attention.
  • While on the ‘games’ topic, would any one of you rare readers happen to have any recommendations for interesting reads regarding DRM?



  • – This website meant the world to me when I first realized game development was what I wanted to do with my life. It gave me a fair idea of what my chances were, what I could do to improve them and most importantly, what perticular attributes of mine I could put emphasis on and fine-tune in order to offer that ‘special something’.
  • – Lots of useful links and articles around here, but personally I used this website mainly for its forum, more specifically its “help wanted” forum. This is where my first attempt at my very own project got shot down quick enough and I realized I needed to pick up more experience as a “trainee” first, enter Radakan. After that,’s forum has proven an excellent resource for promoting and recruiting for the Radakan projects and others.
  • – So.., many.., articles… Must.., read.., all!

Great Finds

  • – With the help of this map I figured out which company I am determined to ultimately work for; I’d advise you not to get in my way. (Al
  • – Same thing…

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