What: Radakan was an experimental adventure game, ultimately coded in Java using the jME engine.

Why: I came to Radakan looking for someone to take me under their wing while I was refining my skills as a writer and designer.

When: My place in Radakan started in April 2007. Upon my departure to Ghana December 2009, the members of the team went their separate ways, and the former project leader Tinus returned to start a new project under the same name and game universe.

How: I first joined as an all-around creative. I quickly found myself dealing with communication, both between existing team members as well as potential new ones, leading to the position of pr manager. Knowing every member and mere affiliate of Radakan better than  anyone else, it came natural for me to pick up the reins when the project leader stopped being the lead programmer, which in turn lead to him leaving the project in May 2008.