Ocean Survivor

What: Ocean Survivor is a simple flash game made to gain more publicity for Ocean Legacy‘s overfishing campaign. It worked!

Why: When Joseph, an Ocean Legacy employee, approached the GameDev.net community looking for volunteers to help in the making of a free flash game for publicity purposes I was quick to get in touch, and soon we were ironing out the base design together. Ocean Survivor was a great opportunity for me to try my hand at a simple project that would be finished rather quickly, not to mention I supported the cause.

When: I joined some time around September 2007. Due to the loss of our programmer the project froze for a couple of months until we finaly found a replacement and finished at March 2008.

How: I contributed to the project as the head designer and project manager, to admittedly the game was so simple and the team was so small that my contributions are very small in comparison to that of the programmer, artists and composers.

Other References

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