What: jFusion is a true revolution in web development. It allows the Joomla! CMS to act as the central bridge to bind several other softwares together, e.g. Joomla! + Forum + Gallery + Wiki, all bridged together with minimal complications!

Why: I joined the jFusion project for three reasons in particular.

  1. I saw that this extension could prove very useful for personal projects already using Joomla!
  2. Clearly this was a one of a kind bridging solution destined to change the way bridging is done, and there was no way I’d give up the chance to be a part of this.
  3. The main developer unfortunately did not have 10 heads and 100 hands. I saw my help would be appreciated so I helped.

When: I joined the project in February 2008, planning to resign (as agreed) late December as I’ll be busy traveling.

How: I started out under the title of Project Manager, but eventually ended up doing mostly PR-related work as well as marketing, such as simply spreading the word, getting in touch with potential developers and discussing presentation and (open source) marketability of jFusion.