Isles at War

What: Isles at War, a hack & slash RPG mod for Warcraft 3, started as a solo project by Kirill “Shadow1500” Vainer.

At some point someone had the bright idea that we should aim to create a larger community, not just for IaW players, but Wc3-RPG players as a whole. Serious Role Play Gamers saw its beginning, partnering up with the maker of D&D World, “Bibendus”, now hosting two maps on the same site. A large scale sRPG community never saw the light of day, but we had more than a few entertaining play sessions together.

Why: I took an interest in his amazing manipulations of the Wc3 Editor, and after series of bug reports and design suggestions I found myself partnering up with Kirill as we set out to conquer the world with this revolutionary RPG mod.

When: The project was started some time around 2006. We froze the project on the 16th March 2007 when it was still in a somewhat buggy yet still fully playable state.

This project was basically my gateway to game design, and I’m hoping I’ll have the time to resume to the modding scene for a while some day.

How: I started out as a mere fanboy, but eventually I was helping out with design tinkering, writing & scripting quests and doing a little bit of level design even.