Mental Block? Go to Africa!

So I’ve been living in Ghana for about three weeks now, spending an initial week in the capital Accra prior to moving further up north to live in the village of Savelugu, a 25 minute ride from Tamale. Here I’m living with a generous host family while working at a nearby schoorphanage (there are about 70 children living here while also attending the attached school in the weekdays). According to the most recent plans, we’ll be heading down south again some time around March where we’ll take part in an AIDS program situated somewhere around Kumasi.

In spite of what the 21st century bloggernation might expect of me, I’m not that keen on detailing my private life on a worldwide basis, which is why I intend to always keep this blog largely centered around game development and general career advancement.

So about that headline then, go breakdown(!):
Spending six months by and large doing nothing but daytime work for money and evening hobbyism for fun and (proof of-) experience, body and mind ends up in a slow gear and stays that way. At the end of December I was starting to give up on the whole idea of “Erlend, a game designer”, as my creative wheels had stopped turning months pas. Instead I figured I’d just embrace my people skills instead, aiming for a position in management. Then I went to Africa. In the end it’s all about creating that major gap between you and the (technological) bridge to the rest of the world. This is a well known creative antidote which has been discussed, tested and recommended time and time again, which i why I won’t go into detail about how, why and what exactly worked for me. All I’m saying is: This really works!

I’ll be back home by May 3rd if all goes well, which should give me the necessary time needed in order to pre-polish some new slammin’ ideas I now have in store for my stay at VFS. Bring on the next continent!


2 thoughts on “Mental Block? Go to Africa!

  1. Hey man,

    It has been a while.. hope you had fun in Africa! 😀
    Anyway whenever you are back be sure to contact me.

    According to your post 2 days to go before you are back.

    I’ll be seeing you

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